Key Highlights

  • SMS remains the most primary communication channel
  • Current roll out of Verified SMS in nine countries
  • Reasons why businesses opt for an Verified SMS
  • Conclusion

SMS remains one of the most primary channels of communication for businesses. It is a convenient & cost-effective option for them to connect with their customers.

Our previous blog explained how Verified SMS works and how businesses can send trustworthy and branded messages to their end-users, including business name and logo directly on the message thread along with verification badge.

Verified SMS is being rolled out in the US, India, Mexico, Brazil, UK, France, Philippines, Spain, Canada. It will be rolled out in other countries in the future as well. Verified SMS enables the consumers to make informed choices regarding the communication they receive from businesses. This will help businesses to strengthen their relationships with their target audience, enrich engagement and enhance conversions of the campaigns

The reason why businesses have opted to Verified SMS:

Easy to implement & integrate:

Route Mobile enables businesses to send Verified SMS on an android message app through our smart messaging API by implementing this technology at the backend to support this service. For the businesses which are enrolled, a branded profile is created which includes their logo, business name & the desired description. It’s a win-win as the end-user is not required to download any additional app to avail this service on the android messaging app.

Safe business communication:

The SMS inbox of an end-user is usually cluttered with a lot of messages. To trust the identity of the business which is sending the message can be difficult. It may be phishing messages which are misleading at times, as it can ask for information which can be private in nature or links to unsafe websites. In order to prevent phishing, Verified SMS can help you to know the true identity of the businesses that are sending you the messages.

Spam Detection & Protection:

The spam detection & protection feature helps to warn the end-user on suspected spam and unsafe Messages. Furthermore, if the end-user sees a suspected spam warning in the messages which help them to identify the true identity of the sender..

Branding Feature:

It works by verifying on a per-message basis on the content that is sent by a specific business. Once the message gets verified, the sender’s business name, the sender’s business logo, a brief description and a verification badge is visible to the end-user. Thus Verified SMS makes the messages safer and more trustworthy.

Message Verification:

Each message is verified that appears to be sent by a business that is registered with Verified SMS. It may happen that the authenticity code assigned to each message doesn’t match, and the message not be verified, “Message cannot be verified” is displayed in such instances. If the end-user has a poor data connection the message app will display “Verifying sender”. Lastly, if the end-user doesn’t have an active data connection the message app will display, “Waiting for connection to verify sender”. it is not recommended to reply with sensitive information or any opening links until the message is verified.

Provides Insights:

Verified SMS can also provide businesses with insights. It can show weekly metrics about the number of messages the Messages app verified for the previous week.

Verified SMS and spam detection features are a great way for businesses to show the true identity of their business. Customers can now rely on the business messages which are delivered to them. The use of Verified SMS adds an extra level of security and fraud prevention, it also improves the user experience as SMS remains the highest engagement rate in comparison to OTT apps.

You can watch our webinar on Verified SMS: Secured and Trusted Business Communication for your enhanced knowledge.