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Contact center as a service (CCaaS) is a cloud-based customer service application that manages and tracks customer journeys, employee interactions with clients, and any other inbound or outbound customer communications. These communications are tracked across voice and digital channels, such as email, web chat, and text messaging. Moving a contact center to the cloud has the potential to improve the quality of the customer experience dramatically. Fast-growing businesses are discovering that CCaaS is the future of the customer experience.

According to research, 68% of customers are annoyed when their call is transferred between departments. However, almost 57% of consumers say that customer service is key for them to feel loyalty toward a brand.

The Rise of Contact Center as a Service

Increasing requirements for improved and seamless end-to-end customer experience is a key factor driving market revenue growth. Rapid adoption of cloud-based contact centers and increasing integration of Application Programming Interface (API) enabling centralization of data for easy access are some of the major factors contributing to the rapid demand for CCaaS solutions.

Provision of omnichannel communication and implementation of digital technologies such as artificial intelligence enables centralization of every customer interaction which provides a competitive edge to enterprises. CCaaS enable automation of manual and repetitive task in addition to providing information with various tools and resources to agents, increasing job satisfaction and productivity.

Technologies such as DIY IVRs, Voice Bots and automated routing enable companies to serve more customers efficiently and cost-effectively. Integration of email, messaging channels, social media, and real-time chat with CCaaS solutions into a unified platform offers proper tracking of information and the journey of the customer thereby allowing seamless interaction.

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Key Benefits:

  • Get the Reports that are Intelligent and Comprehensive

    Analytics and reporting solutions give information on typical customer contact causes, average resolution times, agent activity, and much more.
  • Lower Initial Investment

    It’s a pay-as-you-go service. The initial investment is quite minimal in comparison to a typical contact center.
  • Deployment Flexibility and a Shorter Time to Market

    Quick and effortless implementation without substantial hardware setup.
  • Integration with CRM is simple

    Easy CRM integration initiates workflow customization, increases productivity, and promotes customer engagement.
  • Dashboard for Agent Monitoring & Productivity Update

    Decision-makers may acquire the information they need immediately from the real-time dashboard with the aid of reporting tools.
  • Call Queuing based on Skill

    Reduces the amount of time spent on hold, call transfers, and the number of phone calls/talk time required to address an issue. Call queues achieve this by analyzing data from callers’ Interactive Voice Response (IVR) input, following predefined call routing rules, and offering relevant information while clients wait for an available agent.
  • APIs for every application (Agents, Groups, Live calls, Reports, Actions, Live Data)

    Individual communication channels can be added and customized to existing business software.
  • Speech to Text and Text to Speech

    Instead of tapping buttons through a guided IVR, callers can talk with the system and engage with it using a voice recognition technology. In contact centers, it is utilized for voice search, dialing, and call routing.
  • Popular CRMs may be integrated with a single click

    Allows for consumer experience (CX) enhancement.


Key Benefits of CCaas

Skill Based Routing:

It’s no longer sufficient to just identify the next available contact center executive to assist a client. Business clients must be assigned to the best Representative within the organization. Consider how valuable it would be! to be able to direct a client to a top retention specialist, who is about to discontinue their business dealings.

Save Your Communication Expenses with CCaaS Integration

When the world is changing quickly, the cloud-based ecosystem is the best way to ensure flexibility and agility. Instead of juggling tasks, your personnel can focus on more strategic activities. Give your brand amazing benefits of integration and let your customer journey mapping run smoothly. To assist in building a personal brand relationship and delivering intelligent business communications Contact us Now!.