Key Highlights

What is Enhanced Messaging?

Features of Enhanced Messaging:

  • Branding
  • Smart Button
  • Security
  • Insights
  • ROI
  • Brand loyalty



In this constantly changing world, brands and businesses need to communicate and engage with their customers with speed and versatility. With this, the demand for messaging is always on the rise. Today, businesses send trillions of messages to communicate with its existing and potential customers. When customers receive an SMS from an unknown number, the customer is reluctant to open it. As the messages from an unknown number can be spam or phishing or scams. It becomes tuff for business to stand out in the cluttered messaging inbox, leave aside the engagement and customer experience.

Enhanced Messaging is a unique solution that ensures messages and calls, both are authentic and secured. With Enhanced Messaging, it becomes easy for brands to send verified communications in the form of messages and call and make it more safe and trustworthy!

What is Enhanced Messaging?

Enhanced Messaging is the ultimate amalgamation of Smart Messaging and Verified SMS! It helps businesses connect with millions of customers and scale communications in real-time. With low development and operating cost, Enhanced Messaging transforms the native SMS and dialer app into a better communication tool for all types of enterprises and users.
With its exclusive features, a brand can experience up to 65% higher SMS read rates and 30% in phone pick-up rate than existing ones. Moreover, Enhanced Messaging blocks spam calls and provides spam SMS filtering.



Brands can display their names and logos for every message sent. With an exclusive layout, Enhanced Messaging enriches customer interaction with every brand. It also assists brands in promoting CIS during every inbound and outbound call, identifies and displays the logo, name and description and also relates the brand with the number. To summarize, it enhances the layout and enriches the interaction of a brand’s native SMS with its customers.

Smart Button:

Enhanced Messaging is customized to enhance brand exposure and ensure better mobile awareness. Businesses can add customizable call to action buttons to expose the CIS and corporate information to end-users. This feature helps brands to boost their call communication and messaging presence, resulting in better user engagement and an increase in conversion rate.

Example: In the E-commerce sector, consumers prefer prompt services, and Enhanced Messaging facilitates the same with its exclusive feature called ‘The Smart Button’. How? Well, if an E-commerce brand wants to promote a specific offer, it can add a smart button in the message content and place it prominently to achieve higher sales.


Enhanced Messaging improves response rates along with brand experience while reducing the risk of fraud by protecting against spoofing and fraud threats via text messaging. Herein, each phone number is validated and verified senders are confirmed through encryption so that businesses can be reassured of the safe and confirmed delivery of their messages accurately.

Example: For any insurance company, customer loyalty is one of the most important factors that sustain and facilitates businesses growth, and therefore, it is necessary for the company to give safety assurance to its customers. Enhanced Messaging helps insurance companies provide the required safety measures. How? Enhanced Messaging protects and alerts end-users against phishing attacks and spamming, as it follows a safe authentication process and displays a verification badge after the verification process is completed. Furthermore, it sends the company’s branded communications to its customers by displaying the logo, name, and URL in the text format, thereby eventually enhancing user experience and building trust.


Enhanced Messaging allows enterprises to analyze their SMS marketing progress by offering actionable insights such as aggregated delivery statistics, read statistics, SMS open rate, call statistics including timestamps, and trackable clicks with Google Advertising ID (GAID).

Brand Loyalty:

Enhanced Messaging empowers end-users to make wise and informed decisions pertaining to the enterprise communication they receive and enable enterprises to build trusted relationships with their customers.

Example: ‘Trust’ is an important factor when it comes to the banking sector. With the help of Enhanced Messaging, banks can now build trust and provide hassle-free messaging service to its customers. How? Well, with Enhanced Messaging, banks can send messages that showcase their logo, name, links, action buttons, etc. only after verification of every message and caller information of every call. It automatically displays the brand in the users’ inbox and provides additional information by clicking on the logo/sender ID.

Increases ROI and optimizes the conversion rate:

Enhanced Messaging allows enterprises to have more customer engagements, which eventually improves conversion rates and increases ROI.


With users becoming increasingly comfortable with Enhanced Messaging, many businesses are adapting to it to get closer to their customers by catering to their specific requirements and build trusted relationships. Many global enterprises are already reaping the benefits of Enhanced Messaging and witnessing incredible growth in their SMS marketing statistics. With these solutions, leading enterprises can periodically measure their growth and customer outreach and offer better services to their customers.