Have you ever voted for your favourite singer in a singing competition or signed up for a discount at your favourite store by text? If you answered yes, you probably used a short code.

In the business world, short code texting might be the solution if you want to regularly build quick but lasting connections with your clients but don’t want to spend a fortune doing it. A2P (Application-to-Person) messages can be sent using this simple technology, which offers an affordable solution to scale the distribution of marketing and other customer interaction messaging around the globe.


What does this mean for you?

FTEU Shortcode from Route Mobile offers the best user experience to provide brands with next-level, seamless experiences for their consumers by responding to questions or requests via SMS or even driving conversions with two-way SMS marketing campaigns.

A 10DLC might be a wise choice if you’re just getting started and want to try SMS marketing for your brand because it’s the least expensive option. However, bear in mind that you can encounter deliverability problems if you have more than 200 SMS subscribers for a single 10DLC. Consider switching to a toll-free number or dedicated short code as soon as your subscriber list exceeds this size.


A verified toll-free number is the best choice for businesses that currently have a sizable SMS subscriber base but cannot afford a separate shortcode. When you check the phone number, toll-free number delivery rates are superior to long-number delivery rates.

A business can choose from a variety of text messaging numbers, including toll-free numbers, local numbers with 10DLC, shortcodes, and messenger pigeons (?). Maybe not that last one, though. Choosing the right type of the number can be daunting, so here are seven advantages of using shortcodes for business messaging.

  • Messaging with high volume and throughput

    Messaging with high volume and throughput

    Need to send lots of messages at once? It’s what shortcodes were designed for. With more than 98% of text messages being opened, text messaging is still one of the most effective and efficient ways to communicate with your audience. More than virtually any other method of communication, shortcodes let you communicate with a larger audience.

  • Marketing tailored to mobile devices

    Marketing tailored to mobile devices

    When was the last time you actually placed a call on your smartphone? Our mobile devices are used for bill payment, shopping, and a near-constant flow of text messages. You may reach your customers where they are most likely to see and respond to timely marketing communications by using shortcodes.

  • It's easy to remember

    It’s easy to remember

    Let’s be honest, there are only four phone numbers that we remember: ours, our better halves, our mother’s cell phone, and our parent’s home phone, mostly because none of those numbers have changed for nearly 20 years. Because shortcodes are only 5 to 6 digits long, buyers can easily recall them and identify them with your brand.

  • Secure customer data

    Secure customer data

    Everybody is worried about the security of their internet data. Using two-factor authentication to protect your client’s data, including login passwords and account information, is a good approach to not only keep them safe but also to demonstrate to them how seriously you take their security. Using shortcodes, you may quickly and easily deliver an authentication code to numerous mobile devices, safeguarding your clients.

  • Short codes are scalable

    Short codes are scalable

    Scalability is a shortcode’s distinguishing characteristic. Do you need to communicate with 100 clients? All done. One hundred thousand clients? This is an easy task to accomplish. Short codes are the best choice for urgent, time-sensitive client marketing since they can grow to your desired reach.

  • Better consumer engagement

    Better consumer engagement

    Customers interact with text messages by opening them more frequently and responding to them. Using shortcodes, you can notify customers about upcoming events or deals they might be interested in, as well as reward them for doing business with you.

  • Inspire consumer confidence

    Inspire consumer confidence

    Your clients can receive a barrage of calls and emails that are, or seem to be, fraudulent. This caused people to have less faith in these networks. Obtaining a short code is a full verification process, which ensures that your messages are authentic.

Why use a short code instead of a long code?


Short code numbers are a common option for A2P messaging with large volumes. Short codes have a default SMS throughput of 100 MPS (message segments per second). This MPS is perfect for applications that need to send numerous time-sensitive messages to consumers at once. If desired, MMS messages can also be sent using shortcodes.

Shortcodes have low carrier filtering because carriers review and approve them for their intended use. This is particularly crucial if your communications contain language that carrier filtering systems may flag as potentially offensive when transmitted over long code or toll-free, including references to money.

Marketing communications, one-to-many message bursts, and sizable transactional notifications are just a few uses for shortcodes that come to mind.

Connecting with your customers


Shortcodes are a terrific text messaging option for your company for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that they are well-known and have been around for a while. It’s essential to follow the CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association) opt-in standards and use a dedicated short code in order to lessen the possibility that your traffic will be blocked. Get in touch with our experts for a free consultation and discover the best opportunities to simplify and exemplify communications for your business. You can also write to us at marketing@routemobile.com.