Over 65 Billion messages are sent via WhatsApp per day, making it the most popular OTT messaging platform of this generation. Brands are leveraging the reach and user base of this platform to get in touch with their customers and connect with them real-time. With just a *Ping* on WhatsApp customers can now place a service request, seek delivery information, even pay their bills using WhatsApp Business Solution.

Particularly Hotels & Hospitality industry is growing fond of this messaging platform for strengthening their customer relations.

Why WhatsApp Business can be the Best Communication Channel for the Hotels and Hospitality Industry?

Proactive in your service offerings are worthwhile in making a good brand impression. WhatsApp is where guests are most likely to be these days. Whether these guests are couples or families, busy business professionals or backpackers, reaching out to each individual profile with a curated list of services would help brands garner better attention and in turn, offer the customers what they need; making value addition to their experience.

This platform enables automated and personalized communication mailing services available to guests anytime and anywhere. Rich media capabilities help brands to share room details, images, views of rooms, and large media files. Use of message templates and tags, brands can ensure an automated flow of information to their targeted guests.

Need to communicate in a foreign language? No worries as WhatsApp Business API offers Multi-Language Support to exchange information in native languages.

Top it all, the platform enhances brand recognition and authenticity as every message is routed through a verified identity with brand name and logo. This builds customer trust and faith in brands. Additionally, end-to-end message encryption keeps any third party having access to the content of messages shared between the brands and guests, keeping all the information safe.

Best WhatsApp Business Practices For Better Engagement

Conversational Contact Center

WhatsApp Business Solution instantly powers up two-way communication with its multimedia capabilities. Integration of WhatsApp Business API to the contact center helps businesses to – respond to queries faster, provide travel information and booking updates easily, give a quick glimpse of the updated menu and itinerary, as well as provide early check-ins and hotel reservations.

End-to-end encryption on WhatsApp ensures secured and trusted interactions.

Alerts and Notifications

Real-time alerts and notifications are one of the mobile-based interactions that have been a hit with the brands, mainly in the hospitality industry. Price drops, payment, reservations, availability, and cancellations which were meant to be one-way, now induce two-way conversations triggering customer response.

Important information and details are at the customer’s fingertips.

Early check-in and boarding passes

Conversations on WhatsApp allow guests to easily seek or clarify information. Check-ins, requesting boarding passes or any tickets are more convenient than ever. This ensures lesser redirections, faster actions, and customer satisfaction.

Customer delight brings in positive brand reviews and recognition.

Boost to Ancillary Revenue

Businesses can showcase their additional services to drive sales. This would trigger add-on purchases – room and service upgrades, prices for rooms, and complementary services.

WhatsApp lives by not spamming, but it is a reliable platform to showcase your add-ons.

Omnichannel Engagement

Omnichannel communication goes beyond WhatsApp and covers SMS, email, voice, RCS. However, WhatsApp could be a core platform to build your strategy.

Integrate WhatsApp Business API into your channel and focus on elevating guest experience; while we at Route Mobile will facilitate you with seamless and thorough integration. Give your guest a conversational customer experience they seek.
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