“Is it safe to answer the phone as I don’t know who’s calling?”
This is a common question that clouds almost each one of us; when we see an unknown number flashing on our phone screen. The rise of robocalls and phone scams keeps all your customers at their wits’ end thinking every call from a nameless source to be another cold call for selling unwanted services or pushing any scams towards their way.

Year after year, millions of people have fallen victim to these phone scams, and businesses have lost millions of dollars. With the uncertainty that has led to a digital disruption and more businesses relying online to create better business-customer relationships; fraudsters are also adapting to the changing ecosystem and devising newer strategies to con the population.

Truecaller has been effectively identifying these scam calls and has now come up with a portfolio of innovations to smoothen out our concerns. Truecaller Verified Business Identity Solutions addresses the prevalent issues in the most effective way. On this note, let’s look into the various features the solution brings along for a stress-free calling experience.

Truecaller Verified Business Identity Solutions and its Features

Easy to integrate within your communication channel, Truecaller Verified Business Identity Solutions ensures secure calls and amplifies brand visibility. Route Mobile efficiently deploys the solution to help businesses and enterprises instill the trust factor while they want to optimize their services through calls. Truecaller Verified Business Identity Solutions is an enhancement to phone calls reflecting authentic brand identity and helping brands to stay above the noise of unverified calls.

Features that Make a Difference:

Calls placed through a Verified Caller ID

Truecaller Verified Business Identity Solutions empowers brands and customers to fight identity theft and phone fraud through branded identity. It also allows customers to answer the call with no cause for concern, as the true name of the business and its logo appears on the screen while a call is placed from a Verified Caller ID by the business.

Context to every call for customer confidence

With the Call Reason feature, businesses can display the purpose of calling along with the branded profile to gain customer confidence and increase your call pickup rates.

Priority Calling to separate the important from unwanted calls

Calls could be tagged as the per importance. Unique visual experiences are created for time-bound situations such as important reminders, due dates, delivery confirmation, etc.

Actionable Insights to drive better campaigns

Manage business contacts and get an overview of the call insights to better understand your user behavior.

What are the Benefits of Truecaller Verified Business Identity Solutions?

Truecaller Verified Business Identity Solutions shields all the business calls against the malicious activities happening around on the internet today. Unwanted telemarketing calls, robocalls, nuisances, money swindling, credit card, and financial services upselling, campaign calls are some of the disturbances for the users. Therefore, integrating Truecaller Verified Business Identity Solutions would bring in the below helps:

Manage how the world sees you

Businesses and enterprises just need to have their profiles created and can interact through the Verified Caller ID to ensure safer communication. This gives brands the recognition and required credibility helping them to conveniently deal with identity thefts.

Strengthen customer relationships

Help customers engage in a purposeful conversation by giving them a context to pick up the calls. This would save time and effort of the business resources making campaigns more focused and work streamlined. From a customer perspective, a verified identity would remove any anomalies and help customers to feel confident in responding to calls.

Improve call pick-up ratio

Once customers gain their confidence in brands, they are more likely to answer calls and engage with the brands. This ensures better responsiveness helping brands in driving sales of products and services.

Enhance communication efficiency

The success of a campaign depends on its efficacy. Truecaller Verified Business Identity Solutions steps up and improves your communication making it safer and sound. Making it a part of your core communication strategy might help in developing better interactions leading to more conversions.

Going forward, if businesses are struggling to reach out to the right customers for the right purpose at the right time, Truecaller Verified Business Identity Solutions can put them on the map. Since in a world filled with uncertainties, privacy is a prime matter of concern, Route Mobile helps in the faster and seamless integration of this solution to fetch you better results.
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