Key Highlights

  • Importance of new age omnichannel channels
  • Omnichannel via RCS Business Messaging , Viber Business Messages, OTT messengers and Whatsapp Business Solution
  • Evolution of omnichannel with RCS Business Messaging , Viber Business Messages, OTT messengers and Whatsapp Business Solution
  • Role of RCS Business Messaging , Viber Business Messages, OTT messengers and Whatsapp Business Solution in a customer journey
  • How integrate into omnichannel strategy along with new age channels?

Customer Centricity wave started in the United States in 2003, and now in 2020, brands are fully focusing on unified customer experience. Regardless of what the year is, customer-centricity & unified customer experience is still at the heart of omnichannel communications. By now, we are all aware of what an omnichannel API platform does and how it helps businesses communicate, assist to enhance customer service and refine business strategy. Through an omnichannel API platform, brands/enterprises can communicate to their customers or notify them via various new-age communication channels of their choice, such as instant messaging services like RCS Business Messaging, Viber Business Messages, WhatsApp Business Solution, WeChat or voice assistants like Alexa as well as traditional channels. However, in this blog, we will be focusing on how RCS Business Messaging, Viber Business Messages and WhatsApp Business Solution can collaborate within an Omnichannel platform.

For example, If a read receipt is not received on Whatsapp Business Solution, another message can be sent to RCS Business Messaging after 30-60 seconds and if the read receipt is not received on RCS Business Messaging, the same message can be triggered to Viber Business Messages and so on. This is known as intelligent routing, which is a capability that is available with an omnichannel platform. This can fill the gap, acting as a backup or fall-back solution, reaching out to passengers unreachable by SMS.

Although every instant messaging app is delivering rich & interactive messages and have chatbots embedded to support these conversations. Artificially intelligent powered chatbots give brands the ability to enable natural conversational flow using Natural Language Processing (NLP) while interacting with their customers. Brands can refer to the keywords from past customer conversations, generic metadata, and even relevant third-party FAQs to make every conversation contextual and hyper-personalise the experience.

For instance, a leading global bank has developed bots that allow account holders to review their purchase history, set spending levels, and even help with financial literacy. Technically, they do this entirely, just by chatting with one customer support rep (chatbot) and not by looking at lists and menus.
Omnichannel makes it possible using most of the communication channels — RCS Business Messaging, WhatsApp Business Solution, Viber Business Messages, SMS, voice, email — from one web-based dashboard, which is true omnichannel in action.

Using a single dashboard , it enables businesses to communicate with their customers instantly or schedule it in advance. It lets businesses target specific customers and formulate campaigns based on demographics, provide hyper-personalised content and manage relationships across users on all channels using parallel and sequential communications.

RCS Business Messaging via Omnichannel API

Omnichannel assists enterprises to develop a holistic approach to their customer engagement and provide a suite of services that enhance brand image, provide performance metrics, deliver immediate cost-effective and personalized communication. However, an omnichannel platform needs real-time customer engagements to build successful brand engagements and RCS Business Messaging is one such channel that has all the above traits and fulfils the requirement in real-time. Some of its features that contribute to the above include true metrics in real-time, in-depth real-time reports, chatbot friendly interface, rich media, etc.

For example, the customer support can read the chat history with the customer on Whatsapp Business Solution, and offer personalised communication based on the same conversation when the customer contacts customer support again via RCS Business Messaging dialer feature. The conversation can begin where it was left, which saves time and provides a personalised experience to the end-user. It enables brands to deliver meaningful conversations to customers before and after the purchase.

For example, A paint distributor and manufacturer giant in the country wants to promote its company’s loyalty programme. The customers accumulate points on every purchase, which can then be redeemed for discounts on product purchases or prizes listed in their catalogue. In the past, the loyalty club messages were sent via SMS with a hyperlink to their website. With omnichannel, the promotion campaign for the loyalty program can run on RCS Business Messages, Whatsapp Business Solution as well as Viber Business Messages with images, videos, audios, appealing buttons along with web links as broadcast on multiple channels.

To enable the customers to experience the inspiration behind the colours as well as products for photos, videos and interactive buttons, it is essential for a paint company to adopt a channel that offers a rich media experience which is possible with channels, such as RCS Business Messaging and Viber Business Messages. The performance metrics can then be mapped and the response to both channels can be measured and audiences on different channels can be mapped.

Whatsapp Business Solution via Omnichannel API

Whatsapp Business Solution works well with traditional and new age messaging solutions, such as RCS Business Messaging and Viber Business Messages. For example, an enterprise can run customer loyalty campaigns on SMS, RCS Business Messaging and WhatsApp Business Solution simultaneously to capture relevant audiences unique to these channels and maximise reach as mentioned above.

One of the features that assist with omnichannel includes location-based services to get relevant brand information based on user current/preferred location to execute personalised omnichannel campaigns. Customers can, therefore, connect and interact with brands at their convenience anytime from any place. The response is kept fast, consistent and relevant on all channels. Whatsapp Business Solution provides intelligent metrics, such as proven delivery receipts and read receipts including open-time to make better omnichannel campaign decisions and assist in analysing the performance metrics of the campaign on the channel.

With chatbot integration, brands can instantly take specific actions based on customer requests and sets rules in the conversational flow that are triggered by certain keywords and behaviours. Customer conversations on Whatsapp Business Solution can be easily routed to other digital channels without losing the track of the previous conversation thread.

Viber Business Messages via Omnichannel API

Viber Business Messages has a unique feature of push notifications which appear as push alerts and blur the differences between regular SMS and messaging to the apps. These notifications attract user attention and users read them by default even if Viber Business Messages is not a major chat app, but installed on the phone. For example, if a customer misses the urgent message on SMS as well as Whatsapp Business Solution for the delivery of their online purchase, a message will then be sent via Viber Business Messages by the omnichannel platform, which will be difficult for the customer to miss as it is a push alert. The intelligent message routing feature of omnichannel automatically sends the message to different channels, one at a time after a few seconds of waiting until it receives a read receipt from a channel. The push alerts are most likely to ensure that the message is noticed and read. The real-time statuses and the quick delivery under 3 seconds add to the campaign management and channel performance features of omnichannel. Real-time statuses provide insights for omnichannel campaigns, such as accepted/rejected, delivered, seen by the user (added revised copy relating to omnichannel).

According to the Simplicity Index, 64 percent of consumers are willing to pay more for a simpler experience. Customers want their buying journey to be seamless and easy without having to face any roadblocks and this is what a true omnichannel platform does.