Mobile users are constantly bombarded with sales and marketing calls, selling everything from credit cards, DMAT accounts to insurance policies. While the companies may justify their intent to offer the best possible product to their prospective buyer, whose thinned out patience may simply push him/her to refuse to answer such calls, thinking of them as just another promotion or a sham.

According to a report by Zipwhip, nearly 88% of respondents ignore phone calls from businesses and unknown numbers. Truecaller Insights reported a record high of 22.4% increase in spam calls during October 2020 which is higher than the pre-lockdown period. The analytics firm Adjust reported that fake users or bots have made up for more than half the number of ad frauds last year across the globe, followed by software development kit (SDK) spoofing and click injections.

While most banks and financial institutes are adopting newer digitalized technologies for better customer experience, they are equally making efforts in controlling cyber threats like phishing, identity theft, SMSishing, card skimming, vishing, viruses and Trojans, spyware and adware, social engineering, website cloning, and cyber-stalking.

These challenges lead to a lack of customer trust and a huge loss for the industry. Hence, BFSI’s need to implement robust communication strategies and solutions to combat cyber threats effectively.

Add TRUST to your Communication Campaign with Route Mobile’s APIs

Route Mobile enables businesses’ to stay on top of their communication game, by offering innovative solutions that suit their communication needs. Our reliable and trusted APIs ensure brand credibility and authenticity. Here’s an overview of our solutions:

Verified SMS (VSMS)

Businesses send trillions of messages every year to communicate important updates, promotional offers, and service highlights. The best way to ensure that your message stands out and gets the necessary attention is through our Verified SMS API integration. Upon set-up, customers receive every text with a Verified Sender badge, brand logo, and a preview link confirming the source and context of the message. According to a Google report, 85% of customers prefer a VSMS inbox over a regular one and 71% feel more confident interacting with a brand that has sent a verified message.

Not just reinstating your brand authenticity, VSMS’s new SHARED SENDER SUPPORT offers all your message partners to communicate through one SENDER ID, giving customers seamless conversational experiences.

Verified Calls (VCalls)

Ensure all your calls get noticed using Route Mobile’s Verified Calling API. Every call routed through our secured and reliable API will have a verified check, brand name, logo, and a display of the call reason. This leads to safer and purposeful interactions.

While the reason to call is displayed on the screen, customers would take some time to think before outright rejecting a call. According to Google, customer response rates to brands have gone 3X higher compared to regular calls.


Build customer confidence through branding with our Brandi5 Call and Message Solution. SMS messages routed through Brandi5 have responsive buttons, clear branding, and enhanced layout, while brands can display their caller info like logo name and description with every call.

Brandi5 can help businesses to create an upgraded and engaging user experience.

How BFSI Players Can Leverage Smart Communication APIs to Win Customer Trust?

Secured communication is at the heart of creating a superlative customer experience. This is essential for banking and financial services, as these organizations process tons of sensitive and confidential information. Information security is crucial and any breach in data could prove detrimental to the company’s brand reputation, CSATs, and eventually their customer base.

Therefore, to meet today’s customer needs of secured banking with great digital experience, a certain degree of encryption and data protection is essential to prevent breaches, frauds, and data theft. Route Mobile’s API offers consolidated and comprehensive solutions to ensure data safe-keeping across banks and financial institutions. Here are some of the ways the industry can benefit from using conventional APIs:

Highlight the Importance of Your Call or Texts

Ever tried reaching out to customers for missing payment dates or important reminders but receiving no response? Well, no more! With our verified communication APIs you can highlight the reason for your call or put up a link preview on your texts to help them understand the urgency of the communication.

Fraud Alerts from Unverified Sources

Increase your brand visibility and profile standing amidst thousand other messages. Build authentic communication through Verified Identity. If an account is not verified then there will be a display of an avatar without a logo or verified check confirming communication from an unknown source.

Communicate Your Promotions on a Right Note

Not just for marketing, but there are certain promotions and valued offers that your customers might tend to miss out on. Give better clarity to your customers orchestrating the value addition of the promotional offers through Verified Identity.

Increase Brand Consideration Among Non-Customers

People will suspect less and engage more when they find communication from a known source. Secured communication from a Verified Identity will reduce the churn and attract more leads to interact with your brand.

Improve Brand Impression

Lastly, messages and calls from a Verified Identity add to a brand’s reputation, amplifies goodwill, and increases its reach through word of mouth. If your customers have faith in your brand, they essentially become your brand ambassadors, improving customer engagement and driving conversion, and pushing your revenue curve higher.

Leading BFSI players are digitizing their communication channels for seamless and secured information exchange with their target audience. Route Mobile is a key enabler in ensuring these channels function exceptionally well and without any data breach. To know how you can transform your traditional ways to conventional CpaaS driven communication solutions, Click Here.

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