We live in an era where everything is going digital, especially at a time when being connected and communicating has become priority number one. This holds especially true in the case of Video API, which has become the most popular medium of communication and watching media.

Route Mobile’s Video API offers a high-quality, customizable video collaboration for an overall better user experience. The Video API service offers greater adaptability, security, and many features along with a scalable set of tools. It is possible to integrate real-time video communication with processes and applications which includes live-streaming, 1-on-1 calls and multi-party conferencing.

To get a better understanding of Video API and the various benefits and use cases, let us take a deeper dive into understanding what Video API exactly is.

How do you define Video API?

Video API is an excellent way to provide modern, highly advanced and customisable approach of capabilities. With the Video API platform, you can set up meetings that are customisable according to the needs and demands. Video API has a set of various important features which helps improve customer retention, higher conversion and sales.

What are the various features of Video API?

Route Mobile’s Video API provides a multitude of various features which have been a proven metric for ensuring success for your businesses. With the help of Video API, you can create great digital content by collaborating seamlessly.

Here are the features that you can get by implementing Video API for your business:

Next, we will take a deeper look at understanding the different benefits of Video API. Here, you will learn more about how it can be beneficial for your business.

In what ways can Video API prove to be helpful for your business?


Ease of convenience with a self-service platform

Ease of convenience with a self-service platform:

Route Mobile’s Video API offers greater global connectivity along with offering higher SLAs. The ease of convenience offered includes partnering with some leading infrastructure providers.

Customisable video conferencing capabilities:

With Video API, it is possible to customise your video conferences by utilising different multiple features on the entire platform.

Customisable video conferencing capabilities:
Easily accessible and available on a global scale:

Easily accessible and available on a global scale:

Video API is easy to use and access, with the ability to manage and set up. Our ease of access accessing the platform has simplified the entire process with buy and pay along with monitoring insights, live usage and status.

Simplified user experience and accessibility:

Route Mobile’s Video API brings a self-service platform for developers, in joining and consuming services with the tools needed for a simplified customer journey.

Simplified user experience and accessibility:

What are the different use cases for Video API?

Video API has seen a surge in popularity, especially in the BFSI sector, as banks have utilised it via high-quality video streaming services. With the help of Video API services, there has been a greater surge in client engagement, which has helped banks to reduce monotonous processes like KYC or just opening a bank account. It is possible to create different templates or use different existing templates that depend on the problem of the customer.

With the help of Video API methodology, banks have seen a 15% increase in customer engagement. It is possible to amplify the overall reach by engaging with a completely targeted customer base. Video API has helped to provide real-time support with video conferencing, which can help with increased user satisfaction during the identity verification process.

Besides this, Video API has seen tremendous success in healthcare cases, retail, and e-commerce, making it a useful solution across multiple platforms and domains. If you are interested in knowing how it can be helpful for your business, then Route Mobile can help by providing you with high-quality, customizable video collaboration for your business which can help with multi-party conferencing and live-streaming.